Commercial Litigation

Our goal is to assist our clients in finding means of resolving commercial disputes without the time and expense of litigation. Where, however, litigation is unavoidable, we have the experience and resources to see such matters through to completion.

Shareholder and partnership disputes : Unfortunately, investors in closely held business entities frequently find themselves at odds with their fellow investors or with the entities themselves. We have handled numerous disputes of this type, including federal and state shareholder derivative actions, partnership dissolution actions, actions by and against limited liability companies, and actions under partnership and shareholder agreements.

Contract disputes : Even the most carefully drafted contract sometimes becomes the subject of a dispute. In some cases, the parties legitimately arrive at different interpretations of contractual provisions; in others, one party or the other may fail to live up to its contractual commitments for economic or strategic reasons. Whatever the source of the conflict, we have the necessary skill and experience, having litigated hundreds of contract cases and having achieved multi-million dollar judgments and settlements, to give our clients prompt and accurate assessments of the strengths or weaknesses of their position, and to represent their interests throughout every stage of state or federal court litigation.

Securities fraud : Our firm has obtained substantial awards and settlements representing public customers in arbitrations before the National Association of Securities Dealers and the New York Stock Exchange in fraud, churning, suitability and unauthorized trading cases, and in federal court RICO actions.

Real estate litigation : Litigating disputes that involve real property requires familiarity with a highly specific body of both substantive and procedural law. Our firm has handled substantial matters arising under various articles of New York Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law, as well as representing both landlords and tenants in disputes arising from residential and commercial leases.

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